Owned By A Veteran  
  Thank a veteran, by doing business with a veteran.

Want to thank a veteran? Instead of offering charity, choose to do business with a veteran. Patronize a veteran-owned business, and you invest in the veteran's family, as well. Why use a veteran? First, the service is usually cheaper than the competition because of the business model. Normally they work for ourselves and not a big corporation. So they pass the discount on to the customer. Second, you know who's coming into your home - veterans who've had FBI background checks. Most people want to help vets, they just didn't know how - until now.

Veterans are like sled dogs... they love to work.

Everything they do makes sense - it gives them an opportunity to be their own boss with low entry cost, which allows owners to keep the majority of the profits. Veterans know how to use laptops, cell phones, and their trucks. Unlike most other businesses, when it's owned by a veteran, they usually only hire other veterans.

When veterans transition back to civilian life getting back to normal is the most powerful thing they can do. Getting back to work, paying their bills, and taking care of their families is what they want. It's extremely difficult for veterans to start a business of their own. Please, support the businesses owned by our veterans.

Are you a veteran that wants to own your own business? Seriously - If you do click here
 to email me and tell me what your thoughts are about what you'd like to do.
 I'll help you with your startup, your website, and anything else I can do to help you. 

Email: pajowm@twc.com
Address: 107 North Chadwick Road
City: Louisville
State: Kentucky
Zip: 40223
Phone: 502-439-1519
Class Contact Email: ccdwtrainerjwm@gmail.com
Class Website: www.facebook.com/ccdw.johnmiller
Cost Of Class:  $75.00 /  $150.00
Description Of Class:
I am a US Army veteran and retired Master Teacher. The basic CCDW License Training Class ($75.00)is a one day class.  I do split it into two sessions to accommodate families.  The CCDW Instructor Course ($150.00) is a two day class requiring much more shooting and much greater accuracy.  I do offer group discounts for veterans, first responders, and single parent students on the License class only.  A $10.00 range fee is applicable in some cases. I offer one class a month and do smaller classes at your convenience for as few as two.





WeFixHVAC.com is owned by a retired Marine 
First Sergeant. Click here to visit this business

This business is owned by a veteran